Xcon 2 Icon - The Return of Bassman

Bassman and Micky Finn always seemed to go hand in hand together. Whether this was down to their friendship offstage or the fact that Bassman always used to ride Micky's unique style so well, it's one mystery that probably doesn't really need explaining. What you get with Micky and Bass is a pure adrenaline ride from start to finish.

If you look back to the darker days of drum and bass when everything wasn't about whipping your phone out ever 5 seconds, recording the lazers and slapping it all over social media, you will find venues full of uncompressed vibes, corner shufflers, head nodders and lighter burners.

To some, it was a bubbling pot waiting to explode, to others it was the perfect atmosphere that matched the style of Shadow Demon's MC techniques and Micky Finn unadulterated basslines. This type of vibe heavily featured in the mid to late 90's and certainly extended its middle finger into the millennium. If you witnessed it, you will probably have some fond memories of feeling like you're about to be jumped as soon as you walked into a venue before remembering the main reason you brought your ticket.

"How you like it, raise the finger."

This event 'Xcon 2 Icon' was held in celebration of Bassman's return from HMP in 2003. Other sets on the night featured Andy C, Nicky Blackmarket, SS, Funky Flirt and Kenny Ken.

If you're a fan of this era, the following sets are certainly worth checking out.

Micky Finn Feat. MCs Bassman, Trigga, Shabba & Fearless - Hysteria 40

And ANOTHER return to the scene in 2008 by Bassman. From memory, this was a return to Birmingham rather than a return to drum and bass in general following a spate of violence in the city which was rightly or wrongly connected to drum and bass. This one features an unreleased dubplate of 'Man of Steal' as Micky's intro tune.

Shout to MC Juiceman on this one, a massively underrated MC even to this day.

Micky Finn & Logan D (Back to Back) Feat. MCs Bassman, Trigga and Juiceman - Bassman Returns

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