Vital Elements - Unknown Territory

A: Unknown Territory

AA: Everybody Wants

Release Date: 11th January 2019

Vital Elements calls the end of mankind with his brand new double A side release. 80’s science fiction vibes meets all out dance floor tear out in the form of ‘Unknown Territory’. A pure stinker of a riddim with an infectious bounding bassline that would send reverb signals to Mars and back in no time at all. One for the skank out crew.

On the flip, ‘Everybody Wants’ comes correct with a totally different turn of events. It’s growling layers combined with silky vocals certainly present an ultimate form of mash up drum and bass. The build up to the initial drop is something else, rising and rising to the very, very last second before... BLAOW!

Forward thinking beats from Vital Elements. Expect a lot more from this well established producer in 2019.