Vital Elements - Pipes Of Thunder

Vital Elements, otherwise known as one half of the deadly Serial Killaz duo has been incredibly busy as of late. With multiple studio projects on the go as well as running one of the biggest labels on the circuit it’s a wonder he’s managed to finish this monster EP.

Not only has he finished it, he’s produced probably one of his best pieces of work to date with an incredibly versatile bag of tracks.

‘Pipes of Thunder’ lulls you into a false sense of security by the half time r’n’b swing step loop, however, it’s not long before sweeping classic breakbeats and deep vocal samples collide and the stand out horn blasts, making it pretty clear that the track means business. If there ever was a tune to kick off a set that shows to the crowd (and the DJ previous) that you mean business, then this is, without a doubt the one. Danger from the first blast of the horn.

Rebooting that classic Serial Killaz silky smooth sound with ‘Jump & Twist’ featuring one hell of a feel good breakbeat arrangement that rides alongside the gritty bassline in such as fashion that even the hard nosed ravers would crack an approving smile.

Sampling mastery combined with major influences from 1996, Vital Elements really brings things home with ‘Where You At’. A fine mix of vibes from the glory days of jump up and everything that’s positive about modern bouncy drum and bass. Easily reloaded time and time again and for those who experienced it first hand, you’re going to beg for this to be pressed to vinyl.

Stepping things into a different direction, ‘72’ is a full on metallic blast of wobbling bass drones, hard hitting stabs and rough breakbeats. The stand out snare really drives this tune into another dimension and combined with reverberating bass tones, it’s one hell of a monster.

‘Yard Man’ is another up-tempo dancefloor monster that’s guaranteed to get things moving. It’s breakbeat arrangement has something really quirky about it that instantly drives the track that little bit harder, especially during the half step arrangement.

Vocal talents from Ena Jules shine bright on ‘Are You Loose’ which bring a welcome slice of variety to this EP. It clearly demonstrates versatility and experience from Vital Elements who is certainly no stranger to delve into various aspects of the drum and bass genre.

Wrapping things up in fine style with ‘Waiting So Long’ featuring the vocal talents of Jenni Bellestar Matthias, songwriting by Eugenie Matthias (The Belle Stars, Paul Weller and Adrian Sherwood among others) and trumpet playing by Duncan Mackay (Primal Scream, Tom Jones, Tina Turner, The Chemical Brothers and many more). This one is ideal for sound system crews, dance floor addicts and those who love reggae flavoured drum and bass vibes.

A great EP from Vital Elements that really proves that you can still create an anthem in drum and bass that lasts longer than 5 minutes. ‘Pipes of Thunder’ is going to be sitting in your virtual record box for a long, long time! Anthem business.



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