Vital Elements & Micky Finn - Control Sound EP

Combine a huge amount of knowledge, history and respect and the outcome is, without a doubt, Vital Elements and Micky Finn. This isn’t the first time these well established legends of the scene have come together, however, this time around it’s certainly a step above the rest.

Welcome to the Control Sound EP - where egos are left at the door, inhibitions remain in the VIP queue and everyone comes together - just how it should be done.

“Control Sound”, a track originally featured on the Mixtape project via Serial Killaz is no doubt well known to many. It’s authentic, rough edged bassline vibrates around the speaker stack like no other and is certainly testament to the obvious good vibes that are created when both Vital and Micky link up.

Micky takes a step back to his early funkula days, and in some respects, “Need a Rhythm’ is not so dissimilar to his famous link ups with Aphrodite. Only this time around, it's a momentous combo with one half of the Serial Killaz. Well known glitched out house vocals slammed straight into a dose of jump up funk. This will make every bone in your body flex, twist and brock out.

Atmospheric introductions seems to be back with a bang right now and “The Right to Dream’ certainly doesn’t scrape the barrel when it comes to setting the scene. Picture a ton of haze sweeping the basement with only a green lazer licking through the crowd and you’re already in the zone. A steppy, breakbeat roller that not only overflows with emotion but works straight on the dancefloor. A cross between a chill out zone and straight out panic.

Wrapping up the EP with “The Noise”. A notorious head nodder that screams for an MC to ride it’s infectious narly bassline patterns and contagious breakbeats. If you can remember the Finn People label, this one would have come directly from it’s stable. 2007 meets 2018 some might say?

Hold up, that’s not the end of the EP - a bonus track has been chucked in the mix and this one has certainly been popular with the hijack massive.

“Double Time Swing” features one hell of a crazy double bass element that has already been battering raves across the world. Ever so sneaky to slip this one in at the end, just make sure it doesn’t go unnoticed in your Rekordbox.

Expect more to come from both Vital Elements and Micky Pussyclot Finn. It was really only a matter of time..

Press Release: Dubplate Creative