Vital Elements - Jungle Them EP

Kicking off 2019 with a bang, Vital Elements brings forth his ‘Jungle Them’ EP featuring a collection of high octane bangers for your ear. As relevant as realistically possible in the ever changing world of drum and bass, all 4 tracks really are the apitmity of upfront jungle.

Forgot your Amen breakbeats this time around as Vital Elements goes in hard on the classic hardstep kick and snare combo with a severe dose of simplistic, yet devastating bass riffs.

Head nodding vibes aplenty in the form of ‘Take Em Down’, a track so infectious it could well be classed as addictive. Certainly not one for the sing along massive, it’s simply a case of “stick your head down, get into this”.

‘Give Yourself’ is in some respects a fitting follow up to the previously released ‘Good Vibe’. Fans of original hardcore will no doubt pick up on the fine vocal samples used in this and it’s skippy 4/4 breaks really does the track justice combining old and new elements of production.

The EP’s title track ‘Jungle Them’ is a lethal concoction of no nonsense jump up with elements of 2002 chucked in for good measure. Vital Elements obviously knows how to bring the past into the present and this track is certainly testament to his ability.

808 vibes a run with ‘Homicide’, it’s clever percussion onslaught works perfectly and although the switch at 1:30 is EXACTLY what’s been missing from a ton of tracks for the last 15 years.

Release date: February 2019