Vital Elements - Is It Enough EP

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

Here’s a question for you - how versatile is your favourite producer at the moment? One things for sure, Vital Elements is on top of his style game right now and with a string of varied releases in 2019, his latest offering is testament to this.

The EPs title track ‘Is It Enough’ lays down a foundation of smoothed out pads and gritty bass notes, a total contrast that not only works but flows directly through the speakerbox with an effortless glide.

Light as a feather but (to quote Bassman) heavy like a wah. Certainly one for the MCs inna dance.

Both ‘Bass Monster’ and ‘Murda Riddim’ get the V2E hard nosed jump up treatment featuring a whole host of sounds from Vital Element’s outboard and synth playground. If you think you know about bass programming, you are in for a sonic treat with these bad boys.

‘Get Lit’ is, in some ways, a follow up to ‘The Shit That Booms’ from the ‘Global Cooling’ release. It’s itchy breakbeat consistently throws itself around the venue, contaminating the place with it’s funk influence vibes. It’s a weighty one, trust us.

Nothing can get in the way of Vital Elements work rate so be ready for a string of releases coming your way soon.

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Artist: Vital Elements

Release Date: 31st January 2020

Label: V2E

Press Release: Dubplate Creative

#VitalElements | #SerialKillaz | #V2E


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