Vital Elements - Global Cooling EP

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

If there's one producer who knows how to chop up, switch and layer vocal samples over hard nosed, no nonsense drum and bass then it’s Vital Elements. Introducing the ‘Global Cooling’ EP. A tough 4 tracker full of everything you have come to expect from this talented producer and one half of the Serial Killaz collective. Straight annihilation.

The title track smacks you straight in the face from the word go. Sneaky original hardcore breakbeats slid in out of nowhere really make this track slice through the mix. Combine that with heat ray bass stabs and you’re in for one hell of a treat here.

‘The Shit That Booms’ isn’t messing about and make no doubt about it - you have already heard this track at many of the UK festivals this summer. 100% ready to smack out a swift 32 bars, dive into the mix and back out the other end.

That’s if the crowd survive the reload and the MC vocal spray.

Rooting through alien corpses isn’t a regular day at the studio, far from it in fact! ‘Autopsy’ is a bone tingling rocker of a track, what with its swinging breakbeats that nod slightly offbeat and interlink perfectly with it’s funkula bass notes.

Hold tight, it’s another dance floor smasher with the same formula as above. ‘Make The Floor Burn’ instantly takes you back to any Micky Finn set from Helter Skelter in 1998 only revamped, boosted across all sonic spectrums and chucked out the front door of Vital Elements studio. Ripper!

Artist: Vital Elements

Release Date: 27th September 2019

Label: V2E

Press Release: Dubplate Creative