VIP Champagne Bash

Released on double vinyl, CD and tape, this collection of hard hitting jungle beats came with some pretty decent exclusives and a great DJ mix to boot.

DJ Ron brings a host of original MCs to compliment the mix here and although obviously recorded in a studio, it doesn't stop the vibes flowing from start to finish. Given that this was recorded in 1995, all of the tunes featured were still fresh to the ear meaning the MCs reactions were full of energy.

Collectors of digital music will be impressed with the single track selection, featuring classics such as Dillinja's (under the Trinity alias) 'Gangsta' and DJ Nut Nut's 'Special Dedication'. Previously unreleased and exclusive tracks for the album appear in great numbers, the DJ Ron VIP of 'Crackman' is most certainly a must have. You can also pick up these gems on the double vinyl pack.

Certainly an album to own if you're a collector, lover of jungle or just trying to get some education about the golden days of rave music.

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