Upgrade - Nothing | Sekkle

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

Upgrade is certainly a firm favourite with ravers and someone who is more than welcome to join Nicky Blackmarket’s Kartoons family. With a countless array of audio weapons at his disposal he brings two huge tunes for release 13, namingly ‘Nothing’ and ‘Sekkle’.

Rolling straight out the gates with ‘Nothing’, a straight up dance floor banger suitable for everyone aged 6 to 60 and probably even your Grandma. Sneaky vocals slide in and out perfectly combining elements of the original source, a ton of that trademark Upgrade bass and energy, energy and energy. Ruff, rugged and raw.

Flipping the script 360 in more ways than one comes jungle slammer ‘Sekkle’. One thing a producer must do when bringing this type of vibe to Kartoons is come correct. Who wouldn’t bring 100% authenticity to a label run by Blackmarket?

Upgrade smashes it right out of the park with a heavy slice of 90’s inspired breakbeat jungle that would certainly not have gone a miss at Stratford Rex or The Sanctuary.

Welcome back anytime, Upgrade certainly delivers on all aspects of the Kartoons ethos.

Press Release: Duplate Creative

Release Date: 03rd December 2018

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