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Updated: Feb 19, 2020

Swoosh was a solo producer right? Well, in fairness that's probably the assumption made by most back in the height of jump up's popularity however, it was actually two people using one alias. Both Dean Vincent (Joker Records) and Jason Ball (Back 2 Basics) came together to form Swoosh and when you think about it, it's pretty obvious. The sound of Swoosh was very much a collective of both labels output at the time and certainly provides a great outlook into the mid to late 90's jump up sound.

Artists: Dream Team

Remix: Swoosh

Title: Only You (Remix)

Label: Joker Records

A release from 1999 on Joker Records that almost sounds like it was from '97. This hectic remix from Swoosh delivers non-stop action from the off and heavily features the popular samples from Brandy's 'Only You'. The original, also released on Joker Records was found on the flip of a 'Flat Eric' bootleg (release 52) and certainly takes a more relaxed pace.

Artist: Swoosh

Title: The Way / Ya Rockin'

Label: Back 2 Basics

This one always causes some kind of reaction when it gets dropped - even in 2020. A special mash up of DJ Taktix 'The Way' (also called 'The VIP' on the final chapter mix) and 'Ya Rockin'. This gem of a tune can be found on the 'The Hyped EP' and goes for a few quid on Discogs.

Artists: Dream Team

Remix: Swoosh & DJ Magic

Title: Public Enemy (Swoosh & DJ Magic Remix)

Label: Joker Records

Released on clear vinyl, this tag team effort saw Swoosh team up with DJ Magic from the now defunct Prisoners of Technology. Heavily sampling Public Enemy to full effect, an underground banger that was certainly one of Joker Records big releases back in '99.

Artist: Swoosh

Title: My Definition

Label: Back 2 Basics

Another from 'The Hyped EP' and certainly a tune that has the Joker Records sound all over it. The intro loops Quincy Jones' 'Soul Bossa Nova' on repeat which leads into a certain Da Lick* flavour bass. Certainly one for the original rollers crew.

Artist: Swoosh

Title: Ya Rockin'

Label: Back 2 Basics

Without a doubt the most famous tune by the Swoosh duo and supported heavily by Micky Finn, Darren Jay, Nicky Blackmarket and Kenny Ken. Heavy snare breaks control the into alongside the famous bassline sampled from The O'Jays 'For the Love of Money'. A true 90's jump up anthem if their ever was one.

Liked this? Check out Swoosh' 'Believe The Hype' album mega mix by the one like Special K.

*Da Lick was an offshoot of Joker Records

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