The Shopfloor Album (5HQ)

2001 was a turning point for drum and bass and this album from Formation Records offshoot 5HQ certainly demonstrates the somewhat confusing direction the label was heading towards.

Gone were the days of Formation being one of only a handful of labels putting good music out on a regular basis and although nowhere near as crowded as the space for attention is these days, it was no doubt a new era for record labels and their owners.

The struggle was also in place for a change of direction and a younger audience who perhaps didn't care so much for the previous output of the label.

SS did a pretty decent job in retaining the labels legacy though in the early 2000's. This must have been a pretty tough job considering how different things were compared to the mid 90's.

Signing Twisted Individual was certainly a wise move and his fresh take on the genre certainly got people taking. Was this down to controversial track titles, his direct attack on Distorted Mind's 'T-10' or just because he produced tracks without actually giving a shit?

Twisted's old mate APB makes a guest mix appearance although quite why is anybodies guess as he wasn't exactly the biggest of names from the Formation camp.

Liked the mixes? Pick up a copy of the CD here.

Vinyl release features:

1) R4R (DJ SS): Bringing Back

2) Pleasure: Splinter

3) Tungsten & Morph: Submersible

4) Distorted Minds: Predator

5) Twisted Individual: Nose Bleeder

6) Sonic: Stars

7) DJ SS: Plastics

8) Drumsound & Simon "Bassline" Smith: Maze In Your Minds

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