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Updated: Aug 8, 2019

Considering Joker Records started its life way back in 1994, the label itself has a pretty good innings. Officially ceasing official output in the year 2000 with The Riddler's 'Selector' and 'Something' before being reignited in a rather dubious fashion by Asbo Records in 2013. The story of this is quite unknown and, at the time, it was certainly something of a question as to why a new unknown label was created to somewhat take over the old brand.

Giving that The Riddler (aka Jason Warner) has a string of hits via Joker Records including the likes of 'At The Time', 'Ain't No Way' and 'The Bounce' it was certainly a fitting close for the label. 'At The Time' was championed by almost every drum and bass DJ on the circuit around 1997 with the likes of Nicky Blackmarket, Kenny Ken and Micky Finn dropping it at every occasion.

Just check out the way Stevie Hyper D rolls out during this wicked set by Kenny Ken from Helter Skelter Energy '97!

21:36 is the timestamp.

Riddler's track 'Selector' follows in the same fashion as DJ SS' 'The Lighter', Bizzy B's '16 Track Ting' and Special K's 'Chopsticks Track' by heavily featuring a sampled piano intro.

Popular in the 90's with the whistle, horn and lighter crews, these percussion led (yeah, I had to google that too!) tracks really set the tone, especially when used for DJ introductions.

As the year 2000 wasn't really following in the same trends, it was a brave end for Joker Records to close with this type of tune. Maybe it was a head nod to the past?



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