Jam Thieves - Mista Lava Lava | Bad Chargie

Jam Thieves, well known for their futuristic funkula sound hit the ground running with their latest release via Jungle Cakes. Both ‘Mista Lava Lava’ and ‘Bad Chargie’ present some tough, dance floor heat that will fit nicely inside any DJs USB stick just waiting to cause some mayhem.

What Jam Thieves have done to create their own unique sound in the drum and bass scene is quite remarkable and it’s true to say that if you hear a track from these talented brothers, you know it’s going to be them in an instant.

Cheeky with their bootleg efforts that somehow manage to end up sounding totally fresh and innocent and ‘Mista Lava Lava’ is certainly no exception to the rule.

‘Bad Chargie’ is on a totally different level of madness, chucking in a swing step beat with a really effective snap - hear it once and forever be listening out for it. It’s tough, unadulterated beats for your ear and Jam Thieves wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Artist: Jam Thieves

Release Date: Out Now

Label: Jungle Cakes

Catalogue Number: JC112

Press Release: Dubplate Creative

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