T>I & Saxxon - Sundown EP

T>I and Saxxon combine forces and team up with foundation label Serial Killaz to bring you one hell of a throwback EP. Finally you may say as these wicked collection of sublow, steppy battle weapons have been kicking around on dub for longer than we initially anticipated!

The title track ‘Sundown’ and ‘11:55’ have a ton of funk injected into them and no doubt take inspiration from the many big tunes of the golden era of jump up. This is a big bonus and certainly not one single fog horn in earshot.

From the immense mid 90’s vibes of ‘Tracker’ to ‘Silent Earth’ and it's a bucket load of wobble bass, this EP really does demonstrate both producers versatility on the buttons.

What you get here from both T>I and Saxxon is their history and roots wrapped up into one tidy package and who better than to represent them than the Serial Killaz label. A junglist match made by the bass bin.

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Artists: T>I & Saxxon

Release Date: 13th September 2019

Label: Serial Killaz

Press Release: Dubplate Creative

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