Stillz & Psych - Hypnosis

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Stillz & Psych have been at it again making brain melting new wave jump up in their studio. It’s a wonder they actually get any work done considering the amount of experimental goings on that happens down in the basement. Thankfully we managed to bypass the various floating eyeballs and severed fingers and nabbed a few cheeky tracks from the talented duo.

‘Here We Go’ can only really be described as militant. It’s perfect for two steppin’ across the now already rammed dancefloors across the UK, just make sure you’re at least 2 meters apart yeah?

‘Hypnosis’ is as wonky as they come and delivers straight up, no nonsense beats and bass for the whole duration of the track. A perfect name for a tune so hell bent on sending you down the K hole, even if you have only consumed half a bottle of water and some vitamin tablets.

Artists: Stillz & Psych

Release Date: 06th August 2021

Label: Serial Killaz

Catalogue Number: KILLAZ076

Press Release: Dubplate Creative