Speaker Louis & Parly B - Link Up

The don that is Parly B brings his amazing vocal talents on a mad link up with France’s biggest drum and bass export, Speaker Louis for a single sided Jungle Cakes heater. This is one combination that should stay around for years as put quite simply, it works. Listen to ‘Link Up’ and it’s almost a guarantee that the hair on your arms will stand to attention, in some cases your pupils might even dialite. Believe the hype!

Speaker Louis has a certain knack of adding little drum fills, vocal stabs and sneaky percussion to his tracks, this one being no exception. It’s these finer details that really marry up with Parly B’s dedication to his vocal ability, effortlessly rolling in and out of the beats and bass.

Fancy a new vocal riddim for the collection? Look no further, we got you covered.

Artists: Speaker Louis & Parly B

Release Date: 12th March 2021

Label: Jungle Cakes

Catalogue Number: JC140

Press Release: Dubplate Creative