Sol - Bun Dem

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

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Nicky Blackmarket’s Kartoons celebrates its 30th release in style linking with up and coming producer Sol alongside label friends The Ragga Twins and King Yoof. This 4 track EP is full of unity vibes, crushing breaks and a ton of influence from the past.

Sol’s ‘Bun Dem’ featuring RTC is a full on ragga infused request for peace and love harking back to the original message of rave music. It’s rave stabs and half time breaks enforce the statement well, reminding everyone tuned in that we stand as one. King Yoof provides a tasty remix to get your ears around featuring some epic vocal time stretching and grumbling bassline like it’s 1994 all over again.

‘Bad Sounds Here’ is the ultimate clash weapon with its dreamy, piano infused intro that ultimately comes crashing down into mashed up breaks and beats. Wrapping up the EP with ‘Feel So Good’ which provides Sol with an opportunity to demonstrate his versatility layering up reverse bass that almost feels like a cross between speed garage and drum and bass from the mid 90’s. A certain highlight and one that will no doubt appear in Nicky’s sets for the foreseeable future.

Artist: Sol

Catalogue Number: KARDIGI030

Release Date: 01st March 2021

Label: Kartoons

Press Release: Dubplate Creative


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