Social Security - Box Builder

Following on from ‘Ice Cream’, the monster release by Nicky Blackmarket and Voltage comes Kartoons number 5 presented by Social Security. Having previously released tracks via Hospital Records, Creative Source and M*A*S*H, Social Security come with something very special. The double A side release of both ‘Box Builder’ and ‘Green Cross Code’ hit equally as hard and bring with them some welcome good vibes.

‘Box Builder’ combines a tough as nails beat structure with dub and soundsystem effects to bring you one hell of a riddim. Crisp snares hammer home an instant head nod and if that’s not enough, the bassline is lower than your average bottom end which causes vibration a-plenty!

Social Security certainly know how to bring forth an onslaught and this track grabs you from the offset and doesn’t let go until the DJ decides to switch out.

What you might notice about ‘Green Cross Code’ is the intro, it’s one hell of a familiar sound that leaves you wondering if you’re in 1997 or 2017. That familiar beat combined with melodic chords and looping vocals create the perfect build up to good vibes. This really is the ultimate roller which effortlessly flows directly into and through the drop like liquid chocolate. Smiling faces all round and potentially a festival anthems for 2017.

Two wicked tunes from the Kartoons express which won’t be stopping any time soon and with forthcoming tracks on the agenda from a ton of familiar faces it’s certainly the year for Nicky Blackmarket’s already successful label.


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