Sidious - Sinuous EP

Sidious brings forth an assortment of digital ammunition to Conspiracy Recordings in the form of his self titled ‘Sinuous EP’. A 3 track selection of tough as nails breakbeat infused drum and bass that relentlessly smashed out his trademark sound from start to finish.

‘The Early Warm Up’ is certainly not what you might picture in your head. This tune isn’t intended for your 9pm kick off set, far from it in fact! Big, bashy breakbeats take full control here with an instant sense of urgency from the off. Combined with a distinct funk influence, it’s sure to take control of the dance and shake the rafters in the process.

Slight intermission then straight back into action with ‘Virococha’. A hi-hat led intro provides some real DJ friendly beats which interconnect with Sidious’ trademark drum programming and a solid 2005 style low end.

Wrapping up this tidy package with title track ‘Sinuous’. Distinctly different from the previous 2 tracks, think ‘97 jump up with a bucket load of attitude. Urban Takeover style snare rolls feature in abundance and if we are bringing this back for 2020 then so be it! Banger.

A brutal, no holds barred approach from Sidious and Conspiracy Recordings here and with no signs of slowing down, 2020 is certainly the year to watch out for this talented combo.

Artist: Sidious

Release Date: 1st March 2020

Label: Conspiracy Recordings

Catalogue Number: CON003

Press Release: Dubplate Creative

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