Serial Killaz - Meditation Feat. MC Spyda

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Serial Killaz link up legendary microphone champion MC Spyda for a touch of chilled out vibes in the form of ‘Meditation’. For those thinking we mean a few slices of cucumber and incense sticks you’re wrong as if the world was normal right now we would be swapping the fruit for some Jager and the incense for, well... you get the drift.

The title track is full of Spyda’s golden laced lyrics and it's proof that every time he touches mic, good things happen. In this instance, you get a bloody good tune full of Serial Killaz vibes which is driven by a big LFO wobble bass straight out of 2010. Proper!

‘Mind Games’ on the virtual flip takes on a similar kind of vibe, just in time for better weather and bigger vibes. It’s rumoured to already be in every single DJs Rekordbox ready for Sun and Bass 2020 as well as the potential for a timely commercial crossover. Some great vocals and sneaky FX on this one alongside floaty pads and tip top breakbeats.

Artist: Serial Killaz Feat. MC Sypda

Label: Serial Killaz

Catalogue Number: KILLAZ073DIG

Press Release: Dubplate Creative


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