Ruxim - Stay Repping

Updated: Jul 3, 2018

Following the huge release by Masker, Audio Danger are in no position to slow down and this brand new beast of a release by Ruxim slams nitrous oxide right into the engine.

‘Stay Repping’ is a barrage of beats and bass, a clever concoction of old jungle breakbeats, looped vocals and crazy twists that keeps you alert from start to finish. It’s as if Ruxim actually wants the dancefloor to represent in terms of more than one style and flavour as this tune certainly has that - a mixed bag of overdosed funk.

‘Dizzy’ however, is a totally different take on things and demonstrates the versatility of not only the producer, but the label itself. Darkside hardcore stabs and infectious beat patterns growl violently, coaxing those inna corner to skank that little bit harder, flick up a flame and bun down the dance.

Audio Danger know their roots, that’s what comes from living and breathing the scene for over 10 years and with a roster of artists working hard to bring the real vibes to the streets for 2018, it’s going to be one hell of a solid year.

Release Date: 04/06/18

Press Release, Online Promotion and DJ Mailer: Dubplate Creative