RAE feat. Jimmy Danger - Red Eyes

A combination of local roots and international communication brings together RAE and Jimmy Danger on this single sided murky roller entitled ‘Red Eyes’. This one’s a special edition too with an exclusive video and artwork by none other than Monsta.

Well known for his hip hop and drum and bass crossovers, microphone champion Jimmy Danger simply rolls out over RAE’s tough production making this an ideal link up for 2020. Big, bashy breakbeats lick shots directly over Danger’s unique pattern and flow, aiming the latest release from Audio Danger at the packed out underground basement jam sessions, late Sunday afternoon wake up calls and everything in between.

Expect to hear this pop off at a forest, chalk pit or abandoned cavern anytime soon.

“See the red eyes in the darkness..”

Artist: RAE

Vocals: Jimmy Danger

Release Date: 26th October 2020

Label: Audio Danger

Catalogue Number: ADRS023

Press Release: Dubplate Creative

#AudioDanger | #JimmyDanger | #Rae


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