Private Caller - History In the Making EP

Hardcore Energy present the ‘History in the Making’ EP from Private Caller. A huge love letter to the days of early hardcore featuring a ton of legendary MC samples. If you owned some of these sets on cassette, you were certainly one of the lucky ones! Thankfully, Private Caller has remixed, reedited and retouched for 2020 and this 4 track EP will no doubt have the memories (or lack of them) flooding back.

‘Helter Skelter’ gets a 2020 lockdown mix adding a ton of sub bass to the arrangement plus a classic hip hop breakbeat and more rave stabs than you could ever wish for. ‘Backwards’ is no doubt aimed at the time period rather than production techniques as this one is a super glossy, hands in the air rave anthem in the making with an abundance of hoovers.

‘Bring That Back’ is of course what every attendee of raves in the early 90’s thinks on a daily basis. Thankfully, Private Caller has effortlessly recreated the musical vibe and this one from the EP does a fine job of it. It’s got a wicked combination of both Eclipse and The Edge vibes to it.

The Fantazia mix of ‘History in the Making’ is certainly One Step Beyond with its nod to Ratpack and the famous helicopter in the sky. The superb TR-808 arpeggiated acid riff fits perfectly, blending into floaty chords and stomping breakbeats. An ideal combination for any late 80’s or early 90’s addict.

More to come for the 140 gang, keep your eyes peeled and your VapoRub at the ready.

Artist: Private Caller

Release Date: 25th September 2020

Label: Hardcore Energy

Catalogue Number: HE013

Press Release: Dubplate Creative


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