Phibes x Joely - Told You Once

Fresh from huge success with their ‘Home Grown’ remix, Phibes links up with Nottingham based bad man Joely for this end of year smasher. Before we get into the details though, can we take a second to fully appreciate how diverse the Jungle Cakes release schedule has been in 2020? If anything, ‘Told You Once’ pretty much sums up this hectic year of top talent.

Drum and bass isn’t going anywhere, despite what the UK Government might like to think and with both Phibes and Joely behind the controls, what you’re getting here is some silky smooth female vocals almost ready for a commercial crossover, one hell of a gnarly bassline and ultra crisp production. What’s great about this release is the wide appeal factor. If you’re new to the genre or a die hard jungle raver from 1993, it’s going to hit home somewhere.

Low end from the golden era, upfront vibes and endless possibilities for your next live stream set. Cop it.

Artists: Phibes X Joely

Release Date: 11th December 2020

Catalogue Number: JC133

Label: Jungle Cakes

Press Release: Dubplate Creative


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