Pandora - Floppy Disc | All The Massive


Pandora’s love of jungle music started way back in the early 90’s, complimented soon after with 2 turntables and mixer, plenty of DJ sets and a taste of event promotion which quickly spiraled to new heights. Crowned as being one of the most influential members of the Austria scene, her event Switch! is known across the globe as being one of the most lively places to attend, let alone the only place to hear her latest beats. Thankfully Audio Danger have the link up to bring this brand spanking 2 track release from Pandora to your digital music library.

Remember those bendy slices of data otherwise known as floppy discs? Pandora obviously does although we do hope she’s backed this banger of a track to her hard drive.. Full of atmosphere, sweeping pads, sneaky FX and risers with a hint of a nod to the past, it’s a big opening arrangement and then some! If the roaring low end doesn’t get you, the short and punchy snare arrangement will. ‘Floppy Disc’ will no doubt need a reboot or two on the CDJ.

You can’t call a tune ‘All The Massive’ without a sneaky MC sample right? Thankfully Pandora knows the score, firing all kinds of shots with jungle inspired one liners and breaks busting at the seams with layer upon layer of FX and progressions. You can’t also listen to this tune without noticing the sneaky bassline patterns straight out of ‘95.

Another solid release from Audio Danger proving that sometimes less is more, quality over quantity and all them ones.

Artist: Pandora

Release Date: 30th August 2021

Label: Audio Danger

Catalogue Number: ADRS025

Press Release: Dubplate Creative


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