Origin8a & Propa - The Next Chapter

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Origin8a & Propa present ‘The Next Chapter’, a series of five, yes FIVE release chapters of propa’ hardcore vibes. Nothing short of true to the cause, this educational trip features all manner of original touches that will have memories of the early 90’s flooding back.

If this series of releases was actually made in 1992, the studio would be full to the brim with all manner of classic synths, samplers and a good few Amiga’s to boot. All someone needs to do now is invent a time machine so we can all go back to the good old days with a batch of new music that actually sounds as good as it did then.

Notable tracks include the warehouse mix of ‘Channels’, Benny Page’s drum and bass remix of ‘Harmony’ which is just bloody brilliant and ‘No Justice, No Peace’ although you might have to wait a while for that one..

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Artists: Various Artists

Release Date: Various

Label: Hardcore Energy

Press Release: Dubplate Creative


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