Origin & Profile - R Whites

Origin & Profile - R Whites

Kartoons hits the digital shelves once again with a wicked release from none other than Origin and Profile back to back. The relaunched label has been going from strength to strength whilst retaining it’s all important identity from way back when.

‘R Whites’ kicks things off at a pace far greater than someone creeping down the stairs to raid the fridge for a popular lemonade drink. Gritty trumpet loops and snappy snares whip up an immediate dancefloor frenzy before leading to the smoothed out drop totally applicable to the Kartoons brand. No doubt you will hear this track getting double dropped all over the place.

Funk overload in the form of ‘Keep Scratching’ which certainly replicates that mid 90’s vibe whilst bringing it bang up to date with growling bass stabs and sublow drones. It’s not a normal ‘out of the box’ track and certainly one that would be described as an experimental B side. If you’re into the unusual then this one is certainly for you!

Two wicked tunes from Nicky Blackmarket’s Kartoons label that you shouldn’t sleep on.