Night Shift - Jelly Belly EP

Following up on his ‘World of Jungle’ release, Night Shift takes insomnia to another level by literally pushing out his ‘Jelly Belly’ EP in no time at all. Released under Benny Page’s Dub Shotta label means only one thing - it’s going to be pure, unfiltered heat from start to finish.

The EPs title track ‘Jelly Belly’ instantly sends shots back to the 2019 foghorn era, only this time around it’s smacking out more than a single note. A tune so fierce it will rip the headphones out of your ears and probably take your teeth out at the same time. An air of mystery is initially provided by 'Go Boom’ with its floaty chord progression and jungle breakbeats. This all flips 360 degrees though, especially when the “mother fucker go boom” vocal stabs show up. It’s a combination of hardstep and gabba mixed into one!

‘Feeling’ featuring Greg Black takes the pace of the EP back to normality and if this was released during festival season, it would have been THE tune of the summer. Hold onto this one for as long as possible, work out your double drops and sit tight - absolute riddim. ‘Turn Up’ signs off the EP and sees Night Shift link up with Modulizer for an all out war on the senses. Hints of post 2010 jump up sneak in left, right and centre which is certainly a treat to the ears, especially that murky low end distortion.

4 tracks, all with a different vibe here - it’s like pick and mix for your digital record bag.

Artist: Night Shift

Featuring: Greg Black, Modulizer

Release Date: 22nd October 2020

Catalogue Number: DUBSHOTTA020

Label: Dub Shotta

Press Release: Dubplate Creative


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