Nicky Blackmarket & Voltage - Ice Cream

Nicky Blackmarket is sending for every record label going in 2017 with a release schedule as jam packed as his DJ bookings. Teaming up with Voltage for release 4, this double A side banger features the dubplate smasher ‘Ice Cream’ alongside merky ‘Audio Illusion’.

Stepping up first is ‘Ice Cream’ which provided a simple yet infectious hook that mimics that of a classic ice cream van touting for business. The bright and shiny intro lends itself so well to those who appreciate DJ friendly production, it’s certainly one of those tunes that glides straight into the drop with no messing about or time for chocolate sauce. This one’s a totally smoothed out jump up roller that provides nothing short of a double 99 plus 200 flakes of bass!

‘Audio Illusion’ adds a certain element of surprise to this release, you can either look at this as a magical trip through the eyes of the producers or be lulled into a false sense of security as the gleaming introduction bears no resemblance as what’s to come next. Muddy, thick bass and skippy drum patterns do the exact opposite of each other yet combine perfectly. A dancefloor smasher that’s guaranteed a reload.

When Nicky and Voltage link up in the studio it’s 100% vibes.