Nicky Blackmarket & Voltage - Fusion

Updated: Apr 11, 2018

Kartoons, a label cemented deep in the history of drum and bass and responsible for anthems such as Trend’s ‘2 Degrees’ and Ray Keith’s ‘Follow The Leader’. Since the millennium everything’s been pretty quiet on the Kartoons front despite plenty of requests to bring the label back. Well now in 2016 your prayers have been answered..

Original label founder Nicky Blackmarket teams up with newly appointed member of the Shadow Demon Coalition; Voltage to bring you the first release.

Back in the 90’s Kartoons was all about that dancefloor vibe - big basslines, crazy samples and tough beats. The first release in 2016 is certainly no exception to the rule with both tunes already causing a commotion on dubplate, if you overlook these tunes then you’re really missing out.

‘Fusion’ kicks off the release schedule with mystical chord progression and a snappy snare breakbeat. Sticking with true 90’s militant vibes it rolls right into a mix of sub low bass lines with a layered high frequency synth which can only be described as the ZX Spectrum loading noise on acid.

‘Midnight’ flips the script and takes a totally different approach to what you may remember from previous Kartoons output whilst grabbing tons of influence from way back when. If you like elastic bass lines and subtle pitch bends that also bring an element of funk then this one is most certainly for you. This one’s a roller!

A massive release from Kartoons and certainly a great way to kick off the 2016 return. Don’t sleep on this as no doubt Nicky is already cooking up another smasher for the next release.