Nicky Blackmarket - Spirit EP

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

Nicky Blackmarket is back behind the dials for Kartoons release 17 with his huge ‘Spirit’ EP. A blockbuster affair of 5 wicked vibe soaked tracks that certainly mimic Nicky’s personality, both on and off the decks. This release will leave you wondering why he doesn’t release more - not that his wife will probably agree!

The title track slides into play with a hint of congo drums, wavy pads and bright female vocals that rolls smoothly into grungy bass that licks the tops straight off the breaks. Hard kick drum rolls lead the way here alongside squelchy bass notes ripped straight out of 2010.

‘Future’ brings forth some hefty work boots and it's instantly recognisable robotic bass patch will certainly raise a smile from some of the older or well educated drum and bass heads. A noticeable change in vibe with ‘Hustlers’.

A tune certainly influenced by Nicky’s jungle roots of the past and his ability to brighten up any dance floor with good vibes.

Time for a brief rest as the intro to ‘Raise Them Up’ introduces pipes and pads although don’t be fooled, this ones a serious hard stepping affair soaked in a bucket of reverb. Bass so low it will probably shake the artex off your Grandma’s ceiling! End credits in the form of ‘Watch Out’. Any ceiling left? If so, it’s not going to last any longer if someone drops this banger. Indirect shots a run and with bass so heavy this is certainly one to drop in a soundclash.

A welcome return to the controls, Nicky delivers a straight A grade EP for his Kartoons label. The standard has been set.

Track Listing:

1) Spirit

2) Future

3) Hustlers

4) Raise Them Up

5) Watch Out

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Release Date: 12th August 2019

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