Nick The Lot - Concentrated | Rastafari

Updated: May 11, 2020

Nick The Lot makes a welcome appearance to Jungle Cakes with his double A side junglistic smasher ‘Concentrated’ and ‘Rastafari’. In typical fashion, he is able to demonstrate his love for a rugged bassline mixed with a splash of the label's good vibes. If you’re after some dirty, no good for you upfront jungle, we got you!

‘Concentrated’ gives you a nasty driving riff and combines it with a level of dangerous low end that will have the floorboards lifting up in no time. Add in some memorable female vocals, one hell of a chunky snare and some choice reggae effects. What more could you want to kickstart the party?

Congo Natty vibes a run with ‘Rastafari’. For those that know the sample, nuff said! This is ‘95 business mixed with some 2020 top shelf 60% proof. It certainly has a special way of developing the mood and it’s progression is nothing short of magical. Nick’s gone to extra measures here and certainly proves that Jungle Cakes 111 is worthy of that double A side title.

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Artists: Nick The Lot

Release Date: 08th May 2020

Catalogue Number: JC111

Label: Jungle Cakes

Press Release: Dubplate Creative

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