Nectax - Paradox EP

Updated: Jun 7, 2019

Hailing from Newcastle and sticking directly to the Serial Killaz deep roots, Nectax delivers a fine slice of everything you would expect from this legendary label. ‘Paradox EP’ is a fine mashup of both classic and upfront styles with a firm nod to Nectax’s many influences. Heads from all all eras and all walks of life will appreciate the style and selection.

From the silky jungle flavours of ‘Paradox’ to the experimental building blocks of ‘Greedo’, Nectax delivers a audio journey of stretched and rolled breakbeats, proper sublow basslines and punchy vocal stabs and melodies. Memories of Jungle Splash may well come flooding back here, maybe even that moody basement party circa ‘95 with 500 sweaty ravers!

‘Hologram’ really is a true representation of lazers licking off shots through a haze driven dance floor. Forgot Co2 cannons if you’re dropping this one as it’s all about the attitude - stick your head down and shuffle. A dynamic switch in the form of ‘Dice’ which is no doubt a true building shaker! Rumbling jungle basslines accompany skippy breakbeats and crashing drum loops which drive the vibes hard. ‘One More Sunset’ brings proceedings to a close with its flexed out rolling stance and melodic vibes. A fine end to a superb collection of tunes.

Jungle music has always been about vibes and feelings, both of which Nectax captures effortlessly here. Watch the ride!

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Press release: Dubplate Creative.