Mr Freeze - How Many DJ's

Joker Records was certainly never shy of taking the odd hip hop sample and creating a certain kind of freestyle jump up that we all knew and loved back in the 1990's.

Release 33 was no exception with 'Bustabus' taking direct samples from 'Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See' by Busta Rhymes. You could have probably passed this as an alternative official remix back in 1998! The inclusion of various drum breaks (obviously including the classic mashed up Amen) adds a certain flavour to the tune and it's staple Joker Records bendy bassline trademarks the tune perfectly.

On the flip 'How Many DJ's' is based around the vocal from Black Moon's 1993 hip hop classic 'How Many Emcee's (Must Get Dissed)'. It's a shame the funk breaks from the original missed the cut as these would have probably worked perfectly. Low to high bassline notes bounce all over the place here making it a full on 90's jump up smasher!

Question is, where did the original vocal come from? The lyrics of the Black Moon track don't mention DJ at all, let alone anything to do with dissing them..

Swoosh remixed 'Bustabus' later on in 1998 which can be found via release 37.

Grab a copy on vinyl here.



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