Mozey - The Lady Killaz EP

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

Mozey is on fire right now and with a string of pending releases it’s no wonder he’s back at Serial Killaz HQ with another batch of fully stocked rounds, a ton of unreleased dubs and a few guests along the way.

Taking hardstep into 2020 with ‘Weapon of War’ where the main riff goes from -2 on the octave scale right up to plus 4. Pushing boundaries, fighting the bad guys and flinging down all kinds of indirects. Ultra combo at it’s finest. No doubt fans of Call of Duty will appreciate the various mentions of the enemy melting P-90.

Title track ‘Lady Killaz’ is nothing short of a production masterclass. Mozey licks off shots with classic r’n’b vocals, crisp breakbeats and hammer drone bass notes. Time travel reinvented, vibes from the past, production from the future.

Talking of Lady Killaz and up steps Gino to the mixing desk followed closely by The Ragga Twins who all join forces with Mozey for ‘Oh God’. An instant lick of the Gino sound does wonders for the strength of the track and additional brute force supplied by RTC is an obvious welcome. Tough drums combined with gut wrenching bass and expect lyrical delivery are certainly the order of the day here.

Latin vibes a run in ‘Lapa Drums’ and drums are certainly what you get here. It’s a bit of a theme for this EP but in all seriousness, this is how Mozey produces his breakbeats. Rough, tough and dangerous in ever sense of the word. If the drums don’t get you, the militant low end will.

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Artist: Mozey

Features: Gino and The Ragga Twins

Release Date: Serial Killaz store exclusive 24th January 2020

Label: Serial Killaz

Press Release: Dubplate Creative


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