Mozey - Collapse Depth | Bible Bashers

Updated: Jan 25, 2020

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Mozey joins the Kartoons collective for release 22 with two unapologetic jump up mud slingers. A producer with roots as deep as the Pacific Ocean and fingers in more pies than Desperate Dan could accumulate in one sitting.

‘Collapse Depth’ heads up this double A side with a ton of ocean pressure. Mozey has really notched down the sub bass here, providing a real trouser (or wet suit) rippling affair at previously unheard levels. Arpeggiated synth leads build this monster up into a right foundation shaker.

Poseidon called and he’s not happy at all.

Mozey takes a trip into the world of belief in the form of ‘Bible Bashers’. No doubt influenced by Baptazia and their hilarious spoof YouTube content. Keep your eyes peeled for the next installment, maybe Mozey will be at the altar reading the 10 Commandments of Jungle! Crazy, mid 2000 style basslines reverberate through the nave with enough power to knock off a wig or two. Hench.

Two for two and once again Nicky Blackmarket’s label delivers a consistent slab of drum and bass quality. Keep your eyes on Mozey, he’s one to watch for 2020.

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