Monss - 22

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

Audio Danger continues to supply the full spectrum of drum and bass goodness, this time around representing Monss; a raw talent all the way from Slovakia. ‘22’ is an album all about feelings, no matter how you want to enjoy it, at least one track will take you on that all important trip to another time and space.

Have no doubt, this is a mixed bag of treats from the UK based label with something for everyone. Take for example ‘Curry’ - a tune so jump up it could literally shake off every Reebok Classic in the basement with its arpeggiated bassline that sticks in your head for hours. The VIP of ‘Moment’ gives the genre a thrashing, whipping up the lighters with it’s mechanical low end drive and wicked little vocal stabs.

Both ‘Direction’ and ‘Fogjoy’ present to your ear a fully polished rolling sound. Sneaking in elements of 2019 and dragging parts of the hardstep era right into 2020. Wicked female vocal shots linked with a ton of risers that certainly reinforce whatever experience you’re after from this. These are both aimed at the one finger salute gang. ‘Premium’ flips the script somewhat and merges between the lines of rolling jump up and tech step beats, a tune guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Monss links up with Master Error for ‘Fire Gun’. A tough as nails collaboration that can be described as nothing short of madness. Check ‘Dinosaur’ if you’re after something of a half tempo vibe, just make sure you have a spare speaker stack right in front of you.

Plenty more to mention here, however, the best thing you can do is stream the whole project from front to back and hijack a few in the process. DJs - you know the drill.

Keep your eyes and ears out for forthcoming Audio Danger releases, 2020 is going to be a deep one..


Artist: Monss

Featured Artist: Master Error

Release Date: 07th July 2020

Catalogue Number: ADRS022

Label: Audio Danger

Press Release: Dubplate Creative

#AudioDanger | #Monss


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