MikkiM - Postive EP

International business a run for the latest Jungle Cakes release in the form of the ‘Positive’ EP by MikkiM and Jamie Bostron featuring MC Turner and Earl 16. Jungle has always been about embracing culture and positivity (even those dark and murky raves from ‘94.. honest) and this double A side release certainly shouts it out loud.

‘Positive Vibrations’ brings MC Turner into the mix who rides the bubbling bassline effortlessly, adding a certain touch of summer sunshine to the pot. Bright horns and spring loaded keys nice up the dance to the point of wanting to draw for that lighter in your back pocket again and again and again. Reload my selector!

MikkiM, Jamie Bostron and Earl 16 mash up the dance hard with ‘Get Up Stand Up’. A timeless classic that’s brought bang up to date, given a Jungle Cakes lick of paint and unleashed into your speakerbox at maximum volume. Crossover potential? FOR SURE.

Artists: MikkiM, MC Turner, Jamie Bostron and Earl 16

Release Date: 10th April 2020

Catalogue Number: JC108

Label: Jungle Cakes

Press Release: Dubplate Creative