Master Error X Profile X Amplify - 1st Rule | Lockdown

If you like your jump up militant then look no further than the latest release from Master Error, Profile and Amplify which promises to not only blow your head clean off but also shut down any sound system its dropped on.

‘1st Rule’ leads the onslaught with filtered out pitch bent synth pads, dub siren FX and distorted risers. That’s only the intro so you can only imagine what’s to come when this talented trio are concerned. Batten down the hatches, strap on your trainers and prepare for wave after wave of midrange bass that’s hard as nails, made even more menacing by the various stabs of B movie vocal stabs.

‘Lockdown’ on the flip is another serious adventure into experimental drum & bass with its lashings of futuristic lead riffs which clunk along as a serious BPM. It’s probably not wise to play this one in a dimly lit room as the results will no doubt be quite concerning. Flash up the dance, reach for the lazers and try not to chew your jaw clean off.

Press Release: Dubplate Creative