Master Blaster 'Summer Smackdown'

Updated: May 6

Welcome to 'Summer Smackdown'

Workouts and movement standards for the forthcoming Master Blaster 'Summer Smackdown' event on 25th June 2022 at Elyte Fitness. This event sold out in 24 hours, tickets are no longer available. If you would like to spectate (for free), please use this link to book a spot in advance.

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Each workout is for a total of 10 minutes. You will get roughly 10 minutes of rest between each workout. Not all teams will complete at once.

How to achieve points: Total rower Kcal.

Movement standards

A full 15m of the track must be completed before moving to the medicine ball section. A taped area will be clearly marked. The medicine ball must connect to the floor before being picked up again. The same sled rules apply on the pull section. When complete, switch places on the rower but remember to keep it quick so the screen doesn’t shut down, leaving you back at 0 Kcal..

A great tip regarding the medicine ball pick up is to load it onto your thighs whilst in a squat, this then allows far more power to be generated from the legs, thus thrusting the ball over your shoulder and not causing any injuries.

If either athlete fails to continue the sled section near the end of the workout, all points are automatically deducted from this workout. Both the rower and sled sections must still be active at the end of the 10 minutes.

Imagine working hard for 9 minutes then quitting the sled section thinking you won’t have time to complete it only to be penalised and lose all your hard earned points.

How to achieve points: Total number of rounds (full and partial)

Movement standards

Most importantly, do not chin yourself with the barbell. It’s quite painful and nobody wants a sore lip or missing teeth.

The barbell push press is synchronised at the top part of each rep. A single warning will be provided if you fall out of sync, further out of sync moves will result in a no rep. Press the bar overhead, pushing your head forwards as you straighten your arms for full range of motion.

The athlete switch on the Assault Bike is up to you! We have tested it at both 5 and 10 Kcal, both work, it just depends how quickly you can get on and off. It’s recommended you exit the bike from the rear and avoid tripping over your partner..

Down ups are also in sync. Each rep should see both athletes connect their chest, hips and thighs to the floor. Using an effective hip hinge on the way up is recommended, especially if you can get your toes and wrists close together. A single warning is provided if you fall out of sync.

How to achieve points: Total number of slam ball sit ups.

Movement standards

Kettlebell swings and speed must be in sync. You will only receive one warning from your judge then a no rep will occur meaning you will have to redo the previous rep. The same applies to box jumps (or step ups) if you fail to stand fully on every rep. Slam ball sit ups are completed on an IGYG pass the ball basic. Each rep will see one athlete touch the ball behind their head before sitting up and passing it.

Obviously you cannot move to the slam ball sit ups before completing 4 full rounds with good form (and a bit of speed).

How to achieve points: Maximum rounds (points are given for partial rounds, for example 5 full rounds and completion of 10 Kcal Ski erg and an unbroken wall sit between both athletes will be a total score of 5.2).

Movements standards

Remember to never break the wall sit! A single warning will be provided by your judge. If a second break in the move occurs, the calories on the Ski erg will be reset and nobody wants that.

Your first round will look like this:

Athlete A completes 10 Kcal on the Ski erg whilst athlete B holds a parallel wall sit. Upon the 10 Kcal mark, both team members complete 5 wall balls each in sync. The second round sees both partners switch places (from Ski erg to wall sit), when another 10 Kcal is complete, the wall balls then increase to 10 reps each. Every round, the wall ball reps increase by 5 each.

Wall sit must be at parallel. Remember it’s very easy to spot bad form on this!

Always break parallel on your wall balls and please get it in the target.

Good luck to everyone involved, it's going to be another awesome event!