175 Presents: Master Blaster

Updated: Feb 28

This event has been postponed and will now take place on 12th March 2022. All purchased tickets will still be valid.

A handy breakdown of blocks A - D giving you everything you could possibly need to get ready for the event in January. Further updates can be found via the 175 Facebook page.

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You can download a copy of the rules and workout data to print out below:

Master Blaster Rules & Workouts - January 2022
Download PDF • 63KB

Partner AMRAP YGIG (one works, one rests). One person completes the full set of exercises below before the other person is allowed to get on the Assault Bike. When the time comes, ensure the resting team member is behind the bike, ready to go!

Assault Bike should be at max effort. FR (front rack) walk lunges, please ensure the knee touches the floor on every single rep and the dumbbell remains connected to the shoulder.

Box overs can either be a jump or steps, however, both feet must connect to the box at the top part of the rep and the floor at the bottom. A single step move is a no rep.

One round and one point is a full cycle of the following moves:

10kcal Assault Bike

6m FR walk lunge using 1 22.5kg (men) or 15kg (ladies) dumbbell

10 box jumps or step overs

6m FR walk lunge using 1 22.5kg (men) or 15kg (ladies) dumbbell

12 minute AMRAP


The first part of the workout (SkiErg) cannot be broken down. The team of two must complete 5kcal each in order to get to 50kcal. For example, one member of the team achieves 5kcal as quickly as possible whilst the other team member waits behind before switching over. The key to a quick 50kcal is not only movement standards, but a swift transition. Don’t forget to provide plenty of encouragement here.

Top tip: Hand over the SkiErg handles at the bottom, rather than the top!

Accessory moves are to be completed in order and cannot be broken down. KB swings require a hinge movement with the top part of the rep being at eye level. A no rep will be provided if the KB is too low or too high. Burpee broad jumps are to be marked in tape, both heels should cross the marked line in order to achieve a rep. Butterfly sit ups require both heels to be connected. At the bottom part of the rep, shoulder blades should touch the floor. A rep should only be given if both hands touch the floor in front of the feet.

One round and one point is a full cycle of the following moves:

50kcal SkiErg

12 KB swings 20kg (men) or 16kg (ladies)

10 broad jump burpees

8 butterfly sit ups


Both the rower and wall ball sections of this workout must be completed separately by both team members. For example, one person rows, the other completes the wall balls. The team members then switch places before moving to the barbell phase.

A single point will be rewarded for completion of the following:

  • 15 wall balls and 10kcal row

  • 15 wall balls and 10kcal row

  • 9 barbell thrusters

Don’t try and cheat the rower section as if you go slow on the wall balls to pace your calorie count, the other teams will just go quicker thus achieving more points. The key here is just be bloody good at rowing as quickly as you can.

Both team members must complete the wall balls and rower before switching places.

Movement standards:

Wall balls starting position is a parallel squat with elbows connected to thighs. A chalk marker on the wall will indicate the required top part of each rep. At the bottom part of each barbell thruster rep, achieve a below parallel position. The top part of each rep should see straight arms. Ensure elbows are in the correct forward facing position mid rep.

One round is one full cycle of the following moves:

15 wall balls 9kg (men) 6kg (ladies)

10kcal row (max effort)

Switch places (as detailed above)

9 barbell thrusters 35kg (men) 25kg (ladies)


The first part of the workout cannot be broken down and must be completed in sync. When the 10 reps are completed, the pair are free to decide how to complete the remaining moves.

For example, it may be wise for one person to complete 25 of each bodyweight exercise whilst the other team member completes 25kcal on the BikeErg. Another option would be to both complete the bodyweight moves in sync, then tackle 10 kcal in turn on the bike (depending how quick transitions can be made). These are just ideas though!

Each team of 2 is only permitted to use 1 BikeErg.

Movement standards:

The barbell deadlift must be completed in sync and with correct form. A no rep will be given should either member of the team not fully commit to the top part of the lift. Air squats require elbow to thigh connection on each rep with at least a 95% stand at the top of the rep. Plyo lunges are not static lunges so please ensure a jump takes place. 1 rep = 1 lunge. You do not need to count a left and right lunge as 1 rep.

One round and one point is a full cycle of the following moves:

10 barbell deadlift in sync 70kg (men) 45kg (ladies)

50 air squats (reps shared)

50 plyometric lunges (reps shared)

50kcal BikeErg

12 minute AMRAP