Masker - Blue Mondays

Updated: May 15, 2018

Following on from ‘The Shadow Web’, Masker is back with a bang for Audio Danger Records with this heavyweight double A side release. Fans of tech step, jump up and darkside rollers will all appreciate this huge chunk of goodness from this versatile producer.

Stinking vibes a run with ‘Blue Mondays’, a tune riddled with moody atmosphere from the word go. Perfectly hitched up with a basement rave or pitch black squat party, the combination of minimal tones and hard hitting snares create such a vibe that it really is a case of “stick your head down, nod to this”. Masker has really put the feels out here with huge slamming sub bass, marginal LFO jitters and sweeping pad structures.

Continuing the bad vibes with ‘Cold Fusion’, a combination of science fiction and an upset tummy. Growling rottweiler bass smack at 175 beats per minute, providing just the right kind of flavour to coax every single raver from the outskirts of the venue regardless of their state of mind.

Midway switches roll out nicely so even running this track after the 1 minute mark is a possibility - imagine that DJs!

Two excellent tracks from the Audio Danger camp and with production levels at an all time high, this label is certainly one to watch out for. Steamrolling into 2018 with not a single working air brake in sight.

Pick up a copy here.

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