Martin Flex Feat. MC M-Tek - Hardcore Vibes

Martin Flex links up with MC M-Tek to present a coming of minds in the form of ‘Hardcore Vibes’. A love letter to 1993 and certainly true to original form. If you were lucky enough to experience one of the best eras of underground dance music, this will no doubt raise a fond smile before causing all sorts of lunacy on the dancefloor. If you missed out first time around, don’t worry - this tune encapsulates everything from the ‘hands in the air’ era perfectly.

The combination of M-Tek’s enthusiastic vocals and Martin Flex’s spot on production certainly demonstrate a passion for the original movement.

It’s bright piano chords and chunky breakbeats flood through the dancefloor like a ray of sunshine and this is certainly one tune from 2019 that actually sounds like it was produced in the early 90’s.

A double offering of both the original and a slightly tougher (and longer) VIP mix are both up for grabs.

Watch your bass bins, your mid range and your tweeters. This one is infectious.

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Artists: Martin Flex featuring MC M-Tek

Release Date: VIP mix pending

Label: Rat Records

Catalogue Number: LGR051

Press Release: Dubplate Creative

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