Lowriderz - Underwater EP

Updated: Nov 29, 2018

Lowriderz, fresh out of the jungle war comes another heavy slab of unfiltered breakbeat goodness in the form of the ‘Underwater EP’. Another wicked release from the Serial Killaz offshoot label Street Life which once again shows how dedicated these guys are to authenticity.

Lead vocals from the one like Steppa Style kickstart proceedings straight away featuring one hell of a catchy hook that will have crowds chanting for days. ‘Underwater’ is a direct onslaught on the senses with a ton of mashed up breakbeats, dub effects and a short ranged lead bassline that bangs.

‘Eva Loaded’ delivers some real lyrically education. A great feel good message, excellent double timing all wrapped up in glossy production that this dynamic duo are well known for.

Reminiscent of ‘94 yet as upfront as you could possibly wish for. Street Life and its artists really are a winning combination for die hard junglists of all ages.