Levela - R.A.W

Updated: Jun 27, 2019

"R..A..W..R..A..W...R..A..W..R..A..W" looped vocals lead the intro tune from the latest offering from Levela and Serum's Souped Up imprint (hold tight Benny V).

It's clever mix of that ever so popular but slightly tedious fog horn bass and hard steppin' beats work well when combined with the obvious vocal sample. Bordering on a nod to the mid 90's and certainly a tune that would have sat well on Rap's LowKey offshoot (have a quick search if you're confused about this). One to whip into a mix, slap your meat around and dive out again.

More protein inspired beats in the form of 'Meat Grinder'. A tonal affair of single notes and tribal beats, strange in print but works rather well. Kind of like a meat processing plant from an old episode of The Simpsons that loops over and over as if your VHS was stuck.

Levela ropes in his old chum Current Value to twiddle some knobs and such like for 'Drunk'. A few choice vocal samples here with extra sprinkles of low end sub bass. The distort plugin slaps some layers over the main bass riff and a chunky snare clangs around as soon as the main drop comes into play. Nice!

Activating wholesale ammunition mode with 'Full Clip'. A strange track to end with in my opinion as sometimes the end tunes are often hidden from virtual daylight due to their placement. This one bangs hard as is probably the second best tune from the release.

Not bad at all and obviously the artwork is in keeping with the Souped Up brand which is always a nice touch. No MS Paint here or flipped turntables with the tonearm on the left that's for sure.

Pick up a copy here.



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