Leicester - Best In The U.S.

5HQ Recordings can certainly be classed as an undercover label from the Formation camp. Arguably it’s most popular release was a bootleg of Busta Rhymes ‘Woo Haa!! Got You All In Check’ however, SS had a few rough diamonds in the bag that have since been left to gather dust in record boxes all over the globe.

Take for example ‘Best In The U.S.’ which was released in 1996 by SS under the Leicester alias. This could have quite easily been a Formation Records B side although having spoken to SS about 5HQ in the past, he was keen to test some on the more experimental drum and bass music on his multitude of offshoots.

Knowing SS’ production around this time, it’s a straight distorted bassline rumbler that combines a looped funk instrumental intro with vocals ripped straight from Run-DMC’s 'Jam-Master Jay'. Once the 16 bar intro is over and done with, you’re slap bang in the middle of breakbeat war.

The obligatory Amen break is chucked in midway à la Ray Keith which probably adds a little more energy (not that it was really required).

Pick this one up for a pound or so via Discogs. Their is also a remix that’s probably lesser known, however, it’s still worth checking out.

Another fine example of an undercover 5HQ tune would certainly be release 08 by Air Movement, another alias, this time by Rayner (of Urban Takeover fame).

Many DJs played the dubplate of this back in ‘97 however, few actually knew what it was. ‘Cuttin’ Saw’ features one hell of a bassline which is gently introduced via a repeated ambulance siren. For those that went to any of the Helter Skelter raves around this time, you most certainly would have heard it!