Krucial - Mad Again EP

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

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Not content with starting a war in 2019, Krucial and The Ragga Twins are back at the Kartoons hit factory with another EP full of aggression and top quality vibes.

Title track ‘Mad Again’ featuring The Ragga Twins hollas at the dance to engage their one foot skank, bust a little move, rinse and repeat. Bubbling from start to finish and as mad as the Government guidelines when visiting your Nan. ‘Gangsta’ is one twisty affair of pitch shifted bass, gunshots and hard steppin’ beats to your ear whilst ‘Came Alive’ turns on a batch of silky smooth pads, glorious FX and vocal stabs before Krucial goes all 2005 Clipz on us.

‘Just a Ride’ is a real mix of high and low emotions, delving into psychometric trips and providing a virtual reality of LSD induced vibes. If you feel like switching up your moves, this one is most certainly one to lose the plot to. New school vibes a run with ‘Live In The Jungle’ proving that Krucial really can flex with the best of them when it comes to diversity. Cheeky one note bass stabs will cause all types of head nodding and dance floor ruckus.

Artist: Krucial

Vocals: The Ragga Twins

Catalogue Number: KARDIGI034

Release Date: 27th August 2021

Label: Kartoons

Press Release: Dubplate Creative