Krucial - Kill Dem Off EP

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

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If you remember the original vinyl Kartoons releases, you will no doubt be pleased with the latest offering from Krucial and friends as the vibes are nothing short of reminiscent. Big basslines plus guest vocals from Ras Goudie and The Ragga Twins. Back to the past with a ton of vibes from the future - what a combo.

‘Kill Dem Off’ is certainly the title track for a reason and with straight flames from the off, it’s gritty breakbeats combine perfectly with rough and ready lyrics from Mr Goudie. One rewind on this may well not be enough. Krucial slaps in some trademark singalong bass in the form of ‘Get Loaded’. A tune made for any type of party where you can strictly bubble along to the beat. One for the kitchen skankers!

The Ragga Twins link up for ‘RTC Riddim’ with the promise of a lot of crowd participation so if you’re in the mood for chanting lyrics back, this one you. A lively little beast of a track that when combined with the twins energy gives a lot of everything, all at once.

Belly button wiggles a plenty when ‘Truffle Shuffle’ hits the decks. You can picture Krucial standing back from the studio desk, yanking up his t-shirt and doing a little dance to this after he had bounced the track! Out to the wobblers.

A fine combination of dancefloor vibes and a bit of fun to boot. Every track here is a killer.

Artist: Krucial

Vocals: Ras Goudie and The Ragga Twins

Catalogue Number: KARDIGI028

Release Date: 09th November 2020

Label: Kartoons

Press Release: Dubplate Creative


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