KRE & Basshoven - Racia

Hailing from Dub Damage Recordings, KRE & Basshoven lick down shots of a different kind for release 7 for the legendary Kartoons label from Nicky Blackmarket. With festival season in full swing this double A side release provided a hefty slab of music for everyone.

‘Like You’ is not so dissimilar to a vibe that may be more reminiscent to the glory days of liquid drum and bass with its sickly sweet piano and strings combination, soft male vocals and crunchy snare drums. It’s something new to the Kartoons label and in the words of Nicky himself “I love it, it’s different for the label and why not - it’s all about trying different things”.

On the flip is ‘Racia’, a rampant terror of a track that will leave the dance in bits. In some respects it’s not too dissimilar to being locked in a sweaty basement with only a lazer firing off all over the place and 1,000 of people all going nuts. If a tune could make you feel claustrophobic and ecstatic all at once, this is probably it!

Taking heavy influence from the early days of Bad Company some might think?

Two cracking tunes from Kartoons and certainly an eye opener for some. What’s next on the release agenda is anyone’s guess..


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