Kombat - Tempest

A special packing incoming from the one like Kombat. Not your average release this as it’s packed with vibes from the 80’s and 90’s and with not a single foghorn, it’s one hell of a nice surprise. Jungle Cakes on a different flex.

Fans of a certain video game radio station will no doubt reminisce about the use of the vocal sample in ‘Tempest’. Chuck in a slick live MC sample, a proper sublow bassline that would rock any decent sound system regardless of its stack and you’re onto an upfront jungle winner. You may even remember the main vocals from the 80’s!

Who knows, soon you could be cruising around Vice City pumping out Kombat’s latest beats.

‘Brunch’ is on a proper chill out flex, so much so that you could probably get away with dropping this at a 7am after party. It’s got Sun & Bass vibes soaked all over it and combined with soulful notes and vocals you can really hear why it’s already been a success with a number of A list DJs.

Included in the package are dub versions of both tracks, some may remember this term, failing that, just go with instrumental.

Artist: Kombat

Release Date: 15th November 2019

Label: Jungle Cakes

Catalogue Number: JC095

Press Release: Dubplate Creative